for a grown ass lady I sure do have a lot of feelings about this band of idiots


AU: When famous chef Harry Styles has to pick a partner for a celebrity cook-off, footballer Louis Tomlinson is his first choice, despite the fact that Louis can’t actually cook. They lose horribly, but neither of them really mind.


the fact that we KNOW harry thumbs the tip when he jerks off fucking destroys me.



does this mean he gets rly wet. does he do it bc he likes it when it gets a little TOO MUCH and oversensitive. will i ever recover. 


THE BAES @harrystyles @fakeliampayne #wwa #wwatour #onedirection #wherewearetour (at Lincoln Financial Field)


i want harry’s hair to grow so long we can all grab bits of it and twirl around him like a maypole


Harry during Diana - August 13, 2014.

nerdustotallus asked
Oh god what we really need is brooding, smouldering, cooler-than-you Zarry who never let their mutual friends see their dorky side until one day Niall, Louis and Liam walk in on Zarry dancing around in their underwear to rubbish pop music from the early 2000's with goofy grins on their faces and Niall's like I TOLD YOU SO THEY ARE TOTALLY NOT COOL and Liam and Louis just cannot



but that COUPLE thats like KNOWN around campus u kno. looking like they’re STRAIGHT off some catwalk or american apparel shoot, leather satchels bumping against their hips and ARTFULLY swept hair, MATCHING model faces, LONG LEGS AND CAREFULLY SCUFFED BOOTS. 

and they have full reign of the plush armchair in the corner of the campus café when they’re between lectures, zayn quietly doodling in a notepad, harry tucked under his arm thumbing through a well-worn copy of 1Q84. there are CHARCOAL stains on zayn’s fingers. harry’s sipping at a coffee which takes three minutes to order and is essentially just WARM MILK. 

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